In addition to our fabrication work, we also do repairs. This sailboat Bimini was torn off during Hurricane Ian. One pocket was torn open, and one was entirely gone, requiring a replacement.


Repairs are often a little more involved than they appear at first blush. In this case (besides the fact that Hurricane Ian was brutal), the pockets tore because the Bimini was beginning to experience its age. As a reality, several areas were beginning to need repair, and we looked over the entire Bimini, strengthening and re-sewing a number of areas that were in need.

Enjoyable Aspects

Though it’s not our core fabrication work, we enjoy repairs. It gives us the opportunity to bring back to life something that was no longer serviceable, likely extending the useful life by a good period.


In all our work we use GoreTex Tenara thread. This PTFE thread is UV and sun-damage resistant, and is incredibly strong. With a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer, you may be assured that this is one item you don’t need to worry about.

Value Proposal

Check out our other, similar repairs in the Repairs category above. If you have a similar project, we would love to dialog with you! Give us a contact.

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