This was a quick little project, one of our early ones. Client desired a T-top for his Sea Hunt 21. 


Straight-forward as a T-top, it did have one antenna to work with. Though he’d planned on never removing it, as he’d just come from Hurricane Ian, we’d discussed putting a zipper from the antenna to the edge. In the end, we’d decided to put a sleeve, as you might be able to see.

Enjoyable Aspects

 Though it takes time to do this aspect, T-tops take a while to string to the frame. Even so, the process is relaxing. The client was about an hour away, and it took three visits to complete (besides the initial review and bid.) Stretching T-tops and watching them come precisely to the designed border of the frame is always rewarding.


 In this, I confess, we learned some lessons. After the job was completed, he indicated that he’d wanted four fishing rod passthroughs at the front area, which I don’t recollect from the initial meeting and bid. Notwithstanding, I offered for him to pick a day when he wasn’t actively using the boat, and I’d return, remove, fabricate the four holders, and return again and install.

Value Proposal

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